Crowdsourcing. We call it membership.

When you join ASUG, you become part of something more than just a user group. You become part of a community of fellow SAP professionals who have always had a front-row seat for the future. They are the innovators, builders and managers of some of the most powerful systems and platforms in use today. You will be in the company of forward-thinking professionals who have reshaped how we experience the world. And they continue to look forward imagining, striving, and creating a new future that will make today’s brightest new ideas feel obsolete. Find the best way forward backed by the confidence that wherever the future takes you, your fellow ASUG members will have your back. That’s what ASUG is all about.

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“And when I put on my CIO hat, I am able to add what to me is almost a fourth pillar, above the education, influence and networking, and that is cost avoidance.”

The Benefits of Membership


Career and Company Resources

Whether you need SAP UX training, best practices for upgrading your SAP software, or expert advice on how to make sense of your data analytics, ASUG has content you can leverage. There are training programs, white papers, webcasts, education sessions, and articles that will fit your business needs. With year-round conferences, regional chapter meetings, programs, online discussion forums, and more, we are the central resource for information and issues related to SAP. ASUG provides the education and programming to find answers to your questions, discover new ideas, and stay informed on trending topics. The best content comes directly from our members.


An Influential Voice

Learn from your peers and share your experiences with SAP product teams by leveraging ASUG Influence Councils and providing input into SAP Customer Connection and Customer Engagement Initiative or Early Adopter Care programs. The ASUG Influence program is a critical source of feedback to SAP and an invaluable platform to drive future product improvements and innovation.

You talk. SAP listens. Everybody wins.


A Professional Network

Connect to a network of peers you can call on year round when you need to draw on their real-world experience and insight to prepare you for your next project or make an important business decision. Our Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and chapters provide communities where you can build and foster long-lasting professional relationships with like-minded individuals who share your commitment to moving your career and your business forward. Discussion boards, webcasts and blogs are just some of the ways to hear directly from your peers and also share your own expertise.