You Talk. SAP Listens. Everybody Wins.

The ASUG Influence program plays a vital part in shaping SAP product and service offerings by connecting SAP professionals with SAP product teams to guide development. Share your experiences. Reimagine the future of SAP solutions and services. Impact every stage of the SAP development cycle with ASUG Influence.

“If I wasn’t involved with influence, I would have to be continually scouring the Internet for information. As it is now, I know what’s coming up in the next releases.” - Jeff Gilbert, SAP Center of Excellence Senior Analyst

ASUG Influence Opportunities

ASUG Influence Councils are member-led task forces organized to make the business case for change. Participate in road map validation, use-case scenarios, and the next round of product enhancements.

ASUG also serves as a channel to SAP's Customer Engagement Initiative (CEI), Customer Connection, Early Adopter Care (EAC), and Beta programs. For additional details see

Questions about ASUG Influence? See our FAQs for answers. Want to start an Influence Council? Download our Influence Council information packet for more details. Or contact us directly at 

Customer Success Stories

See the results of member input first-hand, like Jeff Gilbert, SAP Center of Excellence senior analyst at Hallmark Cards, who joined the ASUG EWM Influence Council to ensure the product was performing at its best by the time his company adopted. Read his full story and experience.

For ASUG member Kevin Riddell, involvement in an ASUG Influence Council has already resulted in the delivery of a long-desired product improvement, as well as the opening-up of a direct dialogue with SAP. Read his full story and experience.

Still skeptical? Take a look at some customer quotes about the Influence program. 

Influence CouncilsInfluence Channels

“It’s really a great feeling to see a lot of those product enhancements that you helped influence, within the Influence Council and through the CEI program, that get implemented. You feel so rewarded seeing your product enhancements and your implementations that you asked for to help improve the whole overall user experience gets chosen and is actually being implemented into the product itself.” - Ajay Gupta, SaiCom Consulting Inc.