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BITI: Using My Inbox to Simplify Approvals and Other Tasks (Session 2)

Hosted by:Workflow and Business Process Management SIG of the BITI Community

This is presentation number 2 in the Webinar series to show ASUG members how to lever the best of of SAP's process-management in S/4HANA. My Inbox, is the popular Fiori app for delivering tasks such as approvals to your users in a central and harmonized manner. Several thousand SAP customers use this app. Many features are automatically available once this app is activated in the Fiori Launchpad, but other features can be tweaked and customized to handle tasks even
more effectively and simply according to your needs. This presentation shows what potential SAP customers have when using this app, and
how to extend it's use and reach in simple but effective ways.


Veneta Koleva, SAP

Alan Rickayzen, SAP

Alan Rickayzen is senior product manager in HANA SAP BPM development and author of the bestselling book “Practical Workflow for SAP”.

He has been with SAP since 1992 and in data processing since 1988. In 1995, he joined the SAP Business Workflow group performing development work as well as consulting for various blue-chip U.S. customers. During this time, he amassed a good technical knowledge of the product before moving to product management, where he was the principal liaison for the SAP Business Workflow user groups. He has written regularly for SAP journals and principal author of the original edition of Practical Workflow for SAP.

In his pursuit of interoperability, he became one of the principal authors of the web standards BPEL4People and WS-HumanTask, and he was instrumental in the integration between SAP Business Workflow and IBM Notes. Alan Rickayzen graduated from Kings College London with a bachelor of science degree in physics and can be contacted on Twitter or BBO as alanrick.