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AFF: SAP Global Trade Management for the Trading Business

For any company it has become crucial to control and organize the flow of materials and services  from vendors to customers/own subsidiaries or warehouses in order to improve efficiency. Global Trade Management helps to manage the principle of matching demand with supply – comprising all aspects of the trading business: Information flow, material flow and financial flow. Re-using required components from SAP S/4HANA (SD, MM, LO, FI) Global Trade Management operates the two major use cases: the “Back-to-Back business” (so business where purchasing and sales are carried out in parallel) and the opposing use case where the buy/sell process is time delayed for any reason and need to be associated subsequently.


Attend this webcast to learn about: 

- GTM overview

- Types of trading contracts

- GTM - main components

- Main business scenerios




Frank Tycner, Product Manager for Wholesale Distribution, SAP Application Innovation



  • Intro: 00:01 - 03:45
  • Background: 03:45
  • Contract Types: 19:00
  • Main Components: 25:30
  • Process Flow Demo: 39:30