Members of Americas’ SAP Users’ Group (ASUG) gain access to the world’s largest independent SAP user community. Here, they create relationships with fellow SAP customers and benefit from each other’s perspectives, invaluable lessons learned, battle-tested business strategies, and independent thought leadership.

Annual Report 2016


ASUG Board Chair Keith Sturgill, VP and CIO, Eastman Chemical Co.

Message from ASUG Board Chair Keith Sturgill

This year we celebrated ASUG’s 25th anniversary by reflecting on the numerous ways in which this organization has grown from its humble roots — four people coming together to figure out what to do with this German business software their companies had purchased.

And while it’s always fun to look back on where you’ve come from, I’d encourage you not to spend too long doing that. We all need to spend our time looking to the future.

I believe that we are at the tipping point of a technology-led revolution that, in comparison, will make the industrial revolution look small. This is an extraordinary time, when the boundaries between the physical, analytical, and virtual worlds are disappearing at mind-boggling speeds due to advances in digital technology.

It’s an awesome time to be a technology professional and ASUG member. Yes, there are challenges, most notably trying to prepare for a world that will generate business models that we can’t even imagine yet.

Here’s the key switch we need to make: While much of our history with technology has focused on efficiency and automation — which is still required for organizations to compete — it will be our ability to foster, amplify, and aggregate human insight that will set our organizations apart.

This new age will require new thinking, because efficiency focuses on organizations but insight focuses on the individual and individual ideas. And by connecting individuals with ideas, we will lower the cost of curiosity, and we will unleash the creativity of our people like never before.

In conclusion, I will leave you with this thought: If there is a better way to operate our businesses — and there is — and if there are new business models to be discovered — and there are — it will be up to this community to craft and sell this vision, to put plans in place to move our organizations toward that vision and prove the value early and often.

I encourage you to experience the 2016 ASUG Annual Report below and watch the video from CEO Geoff Scott, who will provide an overview of the great achievements from the past year.

Keith Sturgill
Chairman of the ASUG Board of Directors
VP and CIO, Eastman Chemical Co.

The ASUG Value

Sales and Membership

When a company joins ASUG, they become part of more than just a user group. Membership with ASUG means joining a community of fellow SAP professionals who have always had a front-row seat for the future. ASUG members are the innovators, builders, and managers of the most powerful systems and platforms in use today. The ASUG Sales and Membership team guides companies through the process of joining ASUG to make the most of their membership.


ASUG Communities is a member’s network, one that never goes down. ASUG offers a comprehensive array of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) to keep members connected and informed. With 38 chapters in North America, we also provide local face-to-face education and networking. The Communities team is committed to expanding community-driven programming year after year to ensure year-round value for our members.


ASUG Education leads the educational program planning at our major conferences. Content is selected by volunteers from appropriate Special Interest Groups (SIGs), who serve as the content experts for our program. Many of these sessions are also filtered through to the membership via webcasts and presentations at local chapter meetings.


ASUG Volunteers represent the core of ASUG's commitment to delivering content 365 days a year. ASUG Volunteers are the idea people, the engagers, the influencers, and the leaders. Without them, we couldn't deliver the insight, information, and educational opportunities that make ASUG such a vibrant and valuable community.

We are proud of all the Volunteers who work tirelessly through the year to produce such valuable experiences for our broader membership.


ASUG Influence helps users channel feedback to SAP for product enhancement. Users participate by joining an Influence Council, a forum focused on similar SAP products where members can discuss and prioritize improvement requests, then send the requests directly to SAP developers. ASUG also helps to coordinate council involvement in SAP's various Influence programs.

Executive Exchange

The ASUG Executive Exchange addresses the unique challenges C-level executives face. The program helps companies maximize their SAP investments and helps companies embrace digital transformation to drive new business value. This exclusive forum of senior-level SAP customers engage with the Executive Exchange because of the network. ASUG brings together thought leaders, key SAP executives, and of course fellow executive practitioners for open and honest communications. Insight, ideas, and inspiration are shared, along with real-world lessons learned. Executive Exchange members have special access to key SAP executives, strategy, and road maps, and the Executive Exchange provides critical feedback to influence SAP products and services. With guidance from the Executive Exchange Steering Committee, members set the agenda to deliver unprecedented value.

News and Research

The ASUGNews team produces and shares insightful, member-centric coverage of critical SAP topics via a wide range of mediums: articles, case studies, and briefings on, as well as video packages of member stories on ASUGtv’s YouTube page.

ASUG Research is a lens into our members’ top SAP-related challenges and opportunities (SAP HANA, anyone?). It’s a means by which ASUG provides influence on those topics back to SAP and helps drive product strategy and road maps. And most importantly, the results are a source of unique educational content for ASUG members that stands in direct response to their needs. Members can download any of our research reports via the website.


The ASUG marketing team has undergone its own transformation over the past several years, expanding from events marketing to a marketing services organization tasked with developing and executing marketing strategies for all of ASUG’s signature events and programs. These include Executive Exchange, Influence, Membership, RechargeHR, ASUG University, and the ever-expanding list of initiatives from our community advocates. ASUG marketing has one goal: To provide professional, integrated marketing expertise and support that will advance ASUG’s mission and strategic goals.

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